Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism?

 At first, the idea of gaining weight from drinking juice can seem preposterous. If you were wearing a monocle, it would likely pop out (very dramatically, of course). However, it is possible to add pounds when using all-natural fruits and vegetables. Here are a few reasons why your scale may go up instead of down once you start a juicing regimen. Quick, how many oranges does it take to make one whole glass of fresh orange juice? If you're drinking an eight-ounce portion, it can take up to four fruits. If you're like us and prefer a 16 or 20-ounce glass, you're looking at a whole bag of oranges. One large orange contains 86 calories, so if you use five or six for your juice, you're looking at 400-plus calories total. That's just from one glass! When juicing, it's easy to neglect how many calories you're really getting. Even worse, if you're adding juice to your existing diet, those calories will add up fast. If you're not used to juicing vegetables, it can take a while to acclimate to the taste of green juice. Even though ingredients like spinach, kale, and other leafy greens are super healthy, they're hard to swallow (literally). So, new juicing enthusiasts tend to drink more sugar than they really should.  When it comes to weight gain, excess sugar consumption can make it far easier for your body to hold onto fat. According to studies, limiting your dietary sugar can help you lose weight, and the opposite is also true. Again, if you're adding fresh juice to your current diet, you could be adding pounds far faster than you realize.


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